Make millions for the impact you bring the world!


Join Wendy at Disney World and Discover Her Secrets to…

  • Get paid millions for the impact you bring to people's lives.
  • Excite people to FIND you, FOLLOW you, CHOOSE you, BUY from you, USE what they buy, COME BACK for more and SEND all their friends to your door!
  • Build your brand and make your difference through highly-paid speaking engagements, bestselling books, E-courses, membership sites, tangible products, coaching, training, organizational consulting, influential networking, and Facebook Live.
  • Capitalize on speaking engagements, podcasts, video, teleseminars, webinars, social media, radio & TV.
  • Move people to click, like, share and buy your products and services without sleazy selling.
  • Get sponsors to support, buy and promote your books & products
  • Create and deliver one-of-a-kind products and services while living your ideal lifestyle.
  • Get hired internationally as a respected keynote speaker and one-of-a-kind difference-maker.
  • Command up to $150,000 for a single speech!
  • Monetize your message with your own workshops, seminars, and unique live experiences.
  • Shatter Your Speed Limits® and break through any personal barriers that are blocking your success.
  • And lots more (see below!)…
Want to grow your impact, influence and income exponentially in record time?
Join us for the internationally acclaimed
Move People To Action™ Live Event
January 25 - 28 in Orlando, FL
The world is waiting for your impact!

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"The best 4-day seminar I've ever attended (and I've done many)!"
-- Eric Bischoff

"Practical-practical-practical - no fluff!"
-- Margot Murphy

"The most content-filled conference for teaching and motivating you to effect real change in the world through your message."
-- Steven Sanchez

"Completely entertaining, enthusiastic and informative!"
-- Rebecca Morehead

"Deep-dive, intentionally, brilliantly and carefully delivered A-Z!"
-- Jennifer Rosenwald

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Our Guarantee!

Join us for the complete Move People To Action™ Live Event, January 25 – 28, 2018 in Orlando, FL and if you don't think this is the best training you've ever experienced to help you grow your influence and impact, simply return your course materials to one of our onsite event staff, explain your reasons, and you'll receive a complete refund for your ticket.


Move People To Action™ is The ONLY Comprehensive Program Ever Created to Help You Grow Your INCOME as a Direct Result of  Your IMPACT.

Join impact strategist Wendy Lipton-Dibner as she takes you way behind her curtains and reveals for you the easy-to-use, awesomely powerful formulas she developed to grow 10 successful retail and service businesses and become a 5-time bestselling author, 6-figure speaker, popular media guest and multi-million dollar coach, trainer and consultant in corporate, healthcare, non-profit and entrepreneurial industries.

Over 4 business accelerating, life-changing, content-filled days, Wendy will walk you step-by-step through 179+ fun, easy-to-use, rock-your-world, ethical influence formulas as you discover the proven strategies she used to help her clients make a measurable difference in people’s lives and make hundreds of millions of dollars for their impact.

You'll meet amazing difference-makers from around the globe as Wendy connects you with your future partners for global impact.

You’ll discover the secrets to create life-changing transformation (for others and yourself!) and leave inspired, invigorated and ready to take on the world with Wendy's practical, easy-to-use, You-Can't-Possibly-Fail Follow-Up Weekly Action Plan.

4 Days of No-Fluff Content and Laugh-'Til-You-Cry, Life-Changing, Business-Acceleration Experiences

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Join us in Orlando, FL, directly across the street from Disney Springs® and only minutes from Walt Disney World®!

Wendy has arranged discounted hotel rooms and discounted passes to Disney! Simply register for Move People to Action and you'll receive your private registration links (Turn your business growth trip into a vacation! We've arranged for an extension on the hotel and Disney discounts for 3 days prior to and following Move People To Action Live Event!).


8:30 – Registration 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Sizzling Strategies to Grow Your Impact

  • Monetize Your Experiences (Turn your story into an impact-making money machine)
  • Overcome Change Resistance (Discover Wendy's internationally acclaimed Action Formula™ - the leading formula for sales conversion, training/coaching implementation and personal/professional transformation)
  • Value Their Uniqueness (Make instant connections, maximize networking and grow a loyal community with the Science of Impact™)
  • Express Your Core Message (Gorget boring tag lines and create an impact-driven message that gets you heard)
  • Produce Tangible Results (Get measurable outcomes with your products and services so the world will beat a path to your door!)


10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. HOT How-To's to Grow Your Results

  • Expand Your Offerings with Cool Products (Wendy's secret for creating bestselling books and on/offline tangibles that rock!)
  • Orchestrate Transformation (Discover the powerful reasons people say "NO" and use the proven Shatter Your Speed Limits® formula to Move People - and yourself - To Action. Let's make sure your impact – and income - will never be blocked again!)
  • Provide Powerful Presentations (The most comprehensive training every offered to help you create and deliver presentations that bring results – for them and you!)
  • Layer Your Information (Thought Leaders' secrets revealed so you can create recurring revenues and ongoing impact through content that converts week-after-week)


10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Extraordinary Strategies to Grow Your Business

  • Earn More With New Rules (The rules have changed, and you'll be ready to capitalize!)
  • Tell The World You're Here to Help (Use Wendy's no-cost marketing formulas to grow your reach, revenues and results week after week)
  • Optimize Your Impact (Use 4 Most Powerful Strategies Ever Developed to Make Millions for Your Unique Impact )
  • Align for Increased Opportunity (Use Wendy's "10 Second Keynote" to turn a simple conversation into a 6-figure contract and a casual encounter into a lifelong friend)


10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. The Secret Sauce to Ethically Grow Your Income

  • Challenge the Status Quo (Wait 'til you find out what your market really wants from you!)
  • Take Your "It" Bigger! (Life is far too short to settle for less than the impact you were born to bring the world – discover Wendy's secrets to scale without stress!)
  • Influence With Results (Ethical influence formulas that put money in your pocket and pride in your heart)
  • Own Your Power and Move Yourself to Action! (Be true to yourself with Wendy's You-Can't-Possibly-Fail™ Weekly Follow-Up Action Plan)
  • Name Your Star! (4 keys to ethically create, grow and sustain your impact and income)


How would your world change if you could Move People To Action as powerfully as Walt Disney?

On Monday January 29, Wendy is going to escort a group to Disney for a day of fun and an evening of celebration under a sky filled with fireworks --- AND she'll reveal for you the REAL secret of how Disney Moves People to Action and show you how to use that secret to grow your global impact! Discounted Disney Park tickets are available for all Move People to Action attendees, so register now and join the fun!



Join Wendy and all your new friends for a fun-filled day at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom® where you'll…

  • Discover the hidden secrets of how Disney Moves People to Action™ and has millions of people worldwide happily handing over their credit cards
  • Learn the truth about Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck – and how you can capitalize on their success
  • Identify all the Move People To Action™ Formulas at play in Disney – you could win a special prize from Wendy!
  • Use Disney magic to turn your story into a happy ending that impacts millions of lives
  • Bring your family members with you and join in the fun!

wendy seminar

Who is Wendy?

"Wendy is warm intuitive, compelling, ethically driven and the best platform teacher I've ever seen. Her content is gold. I got so much content my hand has the shakes! It was absolutely wonderful from beginning to end"
-- Jalynn Venis

"Compassionate, loving, generous and everything you want to find in a leader. She teaches by modeling, revealing and sharing from her deepest convection."
-- Joyce Li

"She's generous, authentic and brilliant!"
-- Susan Axelrod

"She is the real thing!"
-- Michael Malkush

"Wendy is one of the most energetic, fun, ethical people and mentors I have met. Extraordinary for certain!"
-- Elaine Ferguson, MSN, APN

"Energetic, compelling, compassionate, wise, funny and sincere."
-- Don E. Smith

"Vivacious! Entertaining! Very clever!"
-- Gilda Simpkin, MS

"Totally the consummate professional!"
-- Deena Kolbert

"Dynamic, entertaining, insightful, clear, magnetic!"
-- Terry Wildemann

"Amazingly powerful! Wendy is the Master of all masters!"
-- Marilyn A. Sawh

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I honestly am a completely different person from the first time I met Wendy Lipton-Dibner. After attending Move People to Action and participating in her Elite Speaker Mastery Program I have grown enormously, met amazing people and found my path. I wrote a new book and am now embarking on a 12-city speaking & book tour that is completely sponsored. I never even IMAGINED this in my wildest dreams a year ago. Love you to pieces Wendy! You are a gift and truly a life changer!

Rachel DeAlto, Attorney


As an engineer, I had trouble connecting with my audiences. My presentations were full of logic but lacking the emotional connection. It's one thing to know that people make emotional decisions and back them up with logic and another thing to know how specifically to get them to do that. Thanks to Wendy, I'm connecting better and selling more!

Dr. Lisa Lang
President of Science of, Author of Achieving a Viable Vision: The Theory of Constraints Strategic Approach to Rapid Sustainable Growth


I've been speaking at association meetings and on large stages for over 10 years and thought I was doing just fine – until I saw Wendy in action. Her strategies are unlike anything available in the industry (and believe me, I looked!). One idea from Wendy was worth $57,000 to me – and that doesn't include the additional speaking engagements and offers I've gottenusing her techniques. Get Wendy into your business and don't ever let her go!

R. Camper Bull
Partner, Armiger, International, Author of Moving from Project Management to Project Leadership




"I've seen literally hundreds of speakers and I've seen a lot of people talk about putting on events and what to say on the stage and I've got to say Wendy Lipton-Dibner has done the most fantastic job I've ever seen of breaking down the speaking business and how to really connect with your audience and she's done it all from a strategic level and also from a tactical level. You've got to check Wendy out because she does it better than anyone I've ever seen in the 15 years I've been involved in this industry. Check out Move People to Action. It's well, well worth your time!"

Bret Ridgway,,
Speaker Fulfillment Services


"Wendy Lipton-Dibner is an amazing speaker and trainer — totally unique... She reaches out and has absolute mastery of her material and understands in ways I've never seen before how to reach out to her audience from the platform. She has my highest recommendation!"

Geoffrey Berwind,
Senior Publicity and Presentation Coach, Bradley Communications


"Wendy Lipton-Dibner is a world-class speaker and an unusually powerful coach. She hired me for marketing advice, but soon I was asking her to coach me! Just a few of her ideas incorporated into my very next speech caused me to double my sales. Wendy's unique strategies are allowing me to make a greater difference and build deeper connections with my audiences. What is amazing is that she was able to customize her strategies to fit my unique personality. If you really want more people to act on your ideas and you don't mind getting standing ovations, call Wendy NOW!"

Steve Harrison,
Co-founder National Publicity Summit and Quantum Leap Program for Authors and Experts

Join Wendy for her internationally acclaimed, life-changing, business-acceleration program...

Get the Proven Map to Make Your Impact and Get Paid For the Difference You Bring to People's Lives

  • Define your personal and professional Action Formula™
  • Design your perfect working lifestyle to create your ideal personal lifestyle
  • Discover the formula to find Your Unique Gift (the one thing only you can bring the world)
  • Determine your best market (hint: it's not who you think!)
  • Develop one-of-a-kind products and services
  • Deliver your products and services to suit your lifestyle
  • Differentiate with Impact-Driven Content Marketing™
  • And more…

Get Paid to Make Your Impact Through Speaking (on Stages, Webinars, Telesummits, Podcasts, Video, Facebook Live and in Media Interviews)

  • Build a 7-figure business through speaking (live and online)
  • Get huge financial offers as you step off the stage
  • Be real, authentic and present with your audiences
  • Get measureable results for the people you serve
  • Get corporations to sponsor your speaking engagements
  • Break through change resistance and create transformation
  • Forget about memorizing or fake speeches
  • Increase online and back-of-room sales without selling!
  • Be irresistible to meeting planners & major decision makers

Publish Bestselling Books and Use Them To Grow Your Influence, Impact and Income

  • Discover Wendy's secrets to write 5 bestselling books!
  • Design your book to grow your business!
  • Use Wendy's simple and powerful model to create irresistible products and services
  • Get everyone to buy your book without selling!
  • Turn your book into 6-figure training and coaching contracts
  • Use your book to get top-paying speaking engagements

Powerful Networking Activities Where You'll Laugh Your Way to Long-term Connections That Pay Off!

  • Develop a loyal community of people who do what you teach, buy what you offer, use what they buy and refer all their friends
  • Throw out your elevator speech forever!
  • Develop strategic partners (right there in the ballroom!)
  • Form an unbreakable connection with everyone you meet
  • Create bigger ad better opportunities everywhere you go

And That's Only The Beginning!

Shatter Your Speed Limits® So You Never Block Your Own Success – Or Anyone Else's!

  • See how easy it is to block people from buying – and the simple steps to help people feel safe saying 'yes'
  • Discover the hidden rules that may be guiding your life choices and the magical process to clear the path for your success
  • Use the voices in your head to make a more powerful impact in the world
  • Be comfortable in your own skin so you can show up ready to make an impact on every life you touch!
You'll get a 100+ page Resource Guide with swipe files for contracts and proposals that yielded huge contracts for Wendy's business, actual research surveys Wendy created to grow her business, speaking handouts that brought extraordinary results for her clients (and her company!) and SO much more!

Experience That's Best For You!





Our Guarantee!

Join us for the complete Move People To Action™ Live Event, January 25 – 28, 2018 in Orlando, FL and if you don't think this is the best training you've ever experienced to help you grow your influence and impact, simply return your course materials to one of our onsite event staff, explain your reasons, and you'll receive a complete refund for your ticket.



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