"Wendy Lipton-Dibner has created something
more important than The Secret!"

- Berny Dohrmann, Founder, CEO Space International


Steve Harrison,
- Co-founder National Publicity Summit and Quantum Leap Program for Authors and Experts

Geoffrey Berwind,,
-Senior Publicity and Presentation Coach, Bradley Communications

Bret Ridgway,
- Speaker Fulfillment Services


"The Move People to Action Live Event was a dynamic, positive, life changer training seminar, which I feel certain is going to be for me and those in attendance. [Wendy is] phenomenal! Never ending energy! Authentic!"-- Mary Louise Hyman, Early Childhood Educator

"Amazingly powerful! Wendy is the master of all masters! Wendy is powerful! She is unstoppable and amazing woman! She is generous! Wendy rocks. She is now my new idol!" -- Marilyn A. Sawit, Manager Registration Services St. Joseph's Health Centre Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"The best event I've been to. Amazing content. So many lessons to go home with that will make a difference for me." -- Ellen Feinberg, YNS New Media Marketing.com

"Best and most professional event I have attended. [Wendy is] dynamic, entertaining, insightful, clear, magnetic." -- Terry Wildemann, Certified success coach and trainer

"Enormous tactical content. [Wendy is] the mentor's mentor."-- Ron Reardon, Fully Invested Dads

"The most content rich and most wonderful experience I have had at an event. [Wendy is a] beautiful, amazing 'being.'"-- Karen Stultz, Founder of Transformation to Prosperity

"Amazing, transformational, life changing. [Wendy is] classy, vivacious, and full of life."-- Kim M. Becker, Founder of Hello Gorgeous! Of Home, INC. and award winning author.

"Life changing and eye opening, but grounded. [Wendy is] authentic, real, and connected to people's hearts."-- Michelle Y. Talbert, They Met Online… Author of Don't Do What We Did!

"Dynamic!! Transformational! A seminar that helps me to see how I can impact others effectively and move them to action. [Wendy is] compassionate, loving, generous, and everything you want to find in a leader. She teaches by modeling, revealing, and sharing from her deepest conviction." -- Joyce Li, Author of Reimagine Your Retirement. Canada, Ontario.

"Exceptional! Better and better all the time! [Wendy is] complex. Focused. Intentional. Caring. Very high integrity (you are such a bright light today). Extraordinarily clear. Consistently progressive in the program and from program to program=systematic thinking with LOVE, care, respect and encouragement." -- Margot Murphy

"The most content-filled conference for teaching and motivating you to effect real change in the world through your message. [Wendy is] an enthusiastic expert on moving people to ethically get their message out in the world." -- Steven Sanchez

"The best 4 day seminar I've ever attended and I've done many. 4 days of well thought out information and a blueprint for how to move people to action so they can transform their clues. [Wendy has a] big heart. High ethics. A beautiful big hearted, fun, bubble extremely smart and effective trainer. I feel so privileged to now know her greatness."-- Eric Bischoff, CITO/Quick and CEO of Alternative

"Fulfilling…I feel complete. It is content end process rich with wonderful multiple platforms, impressive. [Wendy is] totally the consummate 'professional!'"-- Deena Kolbert, Deena Kolbert and Co.

"Overload, but amazing breakthroughs. [Wendy is] generous, authentic, brilliant."-- Susan L. Axelrod, CFRE

"Completely entertaining, enthusiastic and informative. She is a very enthusiastic and powerful speaker."-- Rebecca Morehead, Founder of Practice Manager Solutions

"The Move People to Action is filled with great information and attended by some awesome people! Wendy is committed to connecting and helping her audience, and makes sure you "get" it before she goes on. She truly cares!"-- Valarie Carey, CEO of TOTM! Time of the Month!

"A content-filled, heart-felt program to help you make an impact on every life you touch.
[Wendy is] enthusiastic, authentic, and a giver."
-- Debbie Sanchez, Soon-to-be author of Team Mom Manual: Organizing Your Volunteers

"Deep-dive, intentionally, brilliantly, and carefully delivered A-Z (squared) speaking and mentoring and biz development training. [Wendy is] dynamic, tireless, passionate, impressive, funny, intelligent, knowledgeable, cute/sweet, and commanding."-- Jennifer Rosenwald

"[Wendy is a] goofy combo of Barbara and Bette Midler that knows how to get results and move people to action."-- Alexis Howell, Owner of Healing Harmonies

"It moved all my being and spirit. [Wendy is] fabulous, intelligent, and sweet. She has a huge understanding and compassionate heart."-- Hilda Reardon

"Fabulous! I love events that are content driven. [Wendy is] bright, creative, fun, and a great teacher."-- Lornna DiMeo, MSW

"Powerful, insightful, encouraging, and transformative. [Wendy is] energetic, compelling, compassionate, wise, funny and sincere."-- Don E. Smith, Coach, trainer, and speaker at Don. E. Smith, LLC

"It gave me all the information and techniques I needed to move me to action and how to move others to action. [Wendy is] authentic, a clean communicator, and an excellent teacher."-- Rose Pellar, Author of A Gift in Every Challenge

"Packed with powerful information. [Wendy is] a dynamic speaker who exudes the "love" and vibration for what she does."-- Barbara M. Hardie, Author of Creating Heaven on Earth: A Guide to Personal Ascension; Soul Releasement: Assisting Souls to the Light; Founder and Director of Angel Connections www.angelconnections.com

"Informative, electrifying, the camaraderie is great. Unequaled opportunity."-- Sylvia Anthony, author

"Invigorating. [Wendy is] vivacious! Entertaining--very clever! (SACHEL)" -- Gilda Simpkin, MS, the decision helper

"Incredible! Gut stirring. The best information presented in a fun, fast-paced way. Very info-rich. Wendy is one of the most energetic, fun, ethical people and presenters I have met. Extraordinary! For certain." -- Elaine Ferguson, MSN-APN

"One word: Priceless."-- B. "Semaj" Alexander

"A highly, lively event; content heavy and just plain fun! [Wendy is] a very specially talented person who cares enough to give the wonderful gift she has for the world!"-- Kathleen Pacheco

"AMAZING, Unbelievable, great, awesome, motivating, inspiration. She is the "real" thing. Speaker and cares about each of us."-- Michael Malkush, Author of Nothing Good Comes from a But

"It is electrific! [Wendy is] energetic, empathetic, and electrific."-- Carolyn Finch, author, speaker, coach

"MPTA is a truly transformative experience. If I implemented even half of what I've learned here my life will change in amazing ways. Wendy is warm, intuitive, compelling, ethically driven and the best platform teacher I've ever seen. Her content is very good." –Jalynn Venis, Executive Director/Producer of Date Camp

"Is a move me to action [seminar], so that I can make a bigger impact in the world. Wendy is down to earth. She cares about every person in the audience. She gives 125%."-- Chella Diaz

"It has been a wonderful event in which I learned how to formally monetize my speaking and coaching business. Although we only connected personally a few times, Wendy feels like my best friend because she speaks to my heart."-- Toni DeMarco, RelateLoveSex, Inc or Global Dialong, LLC

"A lot of practical and usable information."-- Rebecca Herman, Ph.D, Co-author of "Lead Me Out to the Ballgame"

"Authentic, heartwarming, inspirational. Wendy is heart-centered and truly walks her talk. She focuses on impact and truly cares about the people she is making a difference to. That's why she's where she is today."-- Yee Shun-Jian, Chief Happiness Officer, 101powerfulaffirmations.com

"Chock full of information. Amazing! Wendy is great! I felt her authenticity and thoroughly was entertained by her."-- Deb Morehead, CEO of Deborah Morehead, LLC

"It has been educational. I met a lot of great people."-- Wayne A. McBrayer, Padres360.com

"Different from other events, you get the steps to get events done." -- Debra Faris aka Ms. Linkedin Chief Networking Officer

"This is the ultimate course in discovering your life purpose was being choreographed for you all the time--and dare I say it--that you were meant to create a wildly abundant lifestyle manifesting that purpose. Wendy was real, contactful, no nonsense, brilliant, and profoundly inspiring. She has the gift of inspiring one to be inspired by oneself. This is magic. Amazing."-- Nancy Dreyfus, Psy.D., Author of Talk to Me Like I'm Someone You Love

"Full of epiphany moments. Wendy and her program are shifting my orbit." -- Linda Austin,
The Martial Way

"Absolutely amazing. Exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. It was fate. The road here was meticulously paved. I can't describe it. I was brought to her. She was speaking exactly to me. My vision fits perfectly into this system. And I had to be at this exact place to hear it." -- Jodi Harrison-Lee, Martial Arts Master, teacher, co-owner of The Martial Way

"Wonderful, So real, honest, inspiring." -- Lori Hart, Owner of Lori Hart About Face Beauty Expert; Co-author of From Zero to Hero…

"Life changing." --Angela Alexander, Author of Miracles in Action

"Life changing--much more than I ever expected."-- Lhea Scotto-Laub, Present Quantum Business Group

"This program teaches how to better understand one's audience through specific skills/examples, then it teaches how to use that information to move people to action…including yourself. This has been a highly integrated learning experience. Wendy covers an amazing account of information, followed by living examples presented through her presentation."-- Karen Little, Editors Chief of LetsKickScoot.com

"Fantastic! Brilliant!" -- Lem H. Truong, President L.T. Associates, Ruc, Washington D.C.

"Excellent, usually the presenters tell you 'what,' but not 'how.' Wendy did both. Full of useful information conveyed with style." -- David R. Schiller, Author of Confucius: Discussions/Conversations or the Analects [Lun-Yu]

"Great, thorough, and practical. [Wendy is] gracious, genuine, and very effective." -- Tawn Holstra, Author The Rule Breaking Manifesto

"An exceptional value filled with content rich--How To's and What to do's packaged to MPTA! [Wendy is] a wonderful person with empowering concepts for speaker training. Her novel approaches in speaker-development are dynamically delivered, and yes, she's the expert who can MPTA!" -- Alisa L. Oglesby, Founder OMG Women United

"Very comprehensive with a lot of great tools and insights." -- Justin Mayor

"Amazing, extraordinary and life altering! [Wendy is] an earth angel--energetic and fun to work with." -- Michele Accettulli

"She gives 200%. Inspiring facts! Humorous! Caring! Real!" -- Kris Landry

"Extremely valuable. [Wendy is] passionate, energetic, compassionate, and generous."-- Michael J. Stone, Founder of Build a Better Workforce.com and author of 6 Steps to Building a Better Workforce (With Little or No Money)

The Healing is Mutual: Marriage Empowerment Tools to Rebuild Trust and Respect

"Valuable, moving, and insightful. Caring. Lovely soul."-- Sabah Fakhoury Co-author Think Infinite-Win: Change Your Focus...Change Your Life, Director of Communications, Human Progress, LLC Energy Healer www.oskiart.com

"Enjoyable, excellent, engaging, educational, entertaining, electric array of ideas and 'maps.' [Wendy is] vivacious, smart and shrewd, sincere, entertaining, cute, and ethical." -- Mary Mayhew, author of Cats InVerse

"The best that I have ever attended that has motivated me and has set me on the right track to sell 'me' more effectively. [Wendy is] 'the winds beneath my wings.'"-- Marilyn Greaux, Vocational Services at RHA Services, Prophets of God, Catree

"Excellent! Content-driven! [Wendy is] fun-loving, interactive, altruistic, and ethical." -- Etienne A. Gibbs

"Excellent blueprint of practical and inspirational information for me to launch a successful career as a speaker and instructor. [Wendy is] dynamic, charismatic, persuasive, and compassionate. Her therapy background gives a very different perspective to her work and her approach to it."-- Esther Wongo Psarakis, The Foodpreneur, Taste of Crete, Jalina and Associates

"Different. Unique. Impactful! [Wendy is] amazing, real, honest, and giving." -- Anya Swanson, Creator of Honest Food For Life and Mama Bear Approved

"Informational and inspiring in a way that creates action. [Wendy is] dynamic, caring and intelligent, with an acronym fixation." -- Judy Cohen, Red Hot Presentations, upcoming author of Hometown Celebrity: Get Noticed with Red Hot Presentations

"It totally exceeded my expectations with the amount of and quality of information. [Wendy is] inspirational, motivating, and the best trainer I've ever heard. She knows what you need before you even ask the question!" -- Marilyn Held

"This is the only program I know that is designed to really help people change. [Wendy is] "authentic and absolutely delightful!" -- Naomi D. Jones, CEO of Consults Unlimited Inc.

"Pyschotherapy. Seriously, beyond my expectations for a 3-day conference. More "aha" moments than I've ever experienced in one event. [Wendy is] enthusiastic and deeply committed to helping those who have crossed her path." -- Steven Sanchez, CEO of Inexus.com

"Very informative and practical. [Wendy is] energetic, positive, helpful, and real." -- Julia McCoy Pavlicek, The Force of Vocational Education

"A program that helps you identify your desires, encourages to research, and gives you permission to lead you to act. [Wendy is] a beautiful person spiritually and physically." -- Mary Kay Green, author/attorney

"Wendy holds an audience in her hand. She is information in a word. Love is reflected in love. All is gain." -- Bill Deane, author, investigator, journalist

"Fantastic. [Wendy is] a very moving person."-- Gary R. Denning

"Innovative, creative, and multiply layered. [Wendy is] enthusiastic and able to connect in 10 seconds. She is committed, always eager to learn and reflect herself."-- Steven Fairys MD, MPhd, Chairman of Pediatrics, K. Hounanion Children's Hospital.

"Excellent material, magnificently delivered! [Wendy is] warm, superb and a trainer." -- Adria Firestone, Author of upcoming book You are the Artist of Your Life

"Awesome! Provided the information and the skill building to allow for growth in my career. I am a fan for life! And I truly espoused her message. Wendy is very clear in her delivery and has great examples--a natural teacher and awesome person. Great to have a female role model." -- Suzanne Nault, Founder of MeaningfulTimeInRetirement.com

"Filled with practical information in an easy to follow structure. [Wendy is] driven and professional." -- Barbara Hales, MD, The Medical Strategist, author of Power to the Patient: The Medical Strategist

"Insightful, informative, very practical and inspirational. [Wendy is] organized, LIVELY, WARM-HEARTED, and down to earth!" -- Marjorie Lombard, Director, Thomas More School

"Wendy is wonderful, knowledgeable, compassionate, and informed!" -- Paula F. Casey, Speaker, Memphis, TN

"A fire cracker"-- Ms. Riz o Salenio

"I love seeing someone working in an area and with an audience that she was made for. Truly a role model!"-- Lisa Gibson, Award winning and best selling author, attorney and conflict trainer

"This program has been awesome. I very much appreciate the importance of Wendy teaching how to be an effective speaker. This is the secret to getting invited to a speaking engagement again." -- L. Nicholas

"Comprehensive, loaded with content and process. [Wendy is] competent, theatrical, inspiring, and transformational, and she delivered on everything she promised." -- Len Marrella, speaker and author and president for the Center for Leadership and Ethics

"[Wendy is] authentic, giving, energized, a teacher, and a marketer." -- Julia A. Bowlen, MD, Versailles Medical Center Owner/Medical Director

"Wow--a program that pops and draws me in with information with layers of understanding--it's a whole different language of speaking, connecting, and moving. [Wendy is] a commanding person who can hold a room in the palm of her hands, but she melts and emotes and connects so that I leave feeling touched and moved."-- William Harenburg, MD, Wheaton Pediatrics

"[Wendy is] energetic, vibrant, vivacious, and sparkling." -- Donald Huntington

"It taught me the "why" in this profession and structure to build my message. [Wendy is] brave, caring, and insightful." -- Arsen S. Marsoobian (Papa Soob), Owner Soob Entrepreneur LLC, author

"A comprehensive beginner through intermediate program on becoming a highly effective speaker and communicator. There are not words to describe how superlative Wendy's knowledge base and presentations are. She is also the definition of genuine love!" -- Janine Darling, CEO and Founder stashdaddy.com Privacy Advocate

"[Wendy is] motivating, insightful, open, and a good teacher. She offers 'the truth about speaking.'"-- David P. Carter, Founder/President of David Paul Carter, LLC

"Extremely content rich. Great information. It covered a huge spread of facts. [Wendy is] very generous, quirky, lively, committed to her cause, fun-loving, and honest." -- Deborah Henley, Owner of Vivacity Consulting

"Amazing content. Integration of research with practical application and focus on results. [Wendy is] energetic, bright, down to earth, accessible, and engaging." -- Lorna DiMeo, CEO Success on Purpose

"Packed with immediately actionable take-aways. [Wendy is] energetic, knowledgeable, and funny." -- Gretchen Martens, Troops to Towns (Founder and CEO) Author of Untying the Yellow Ribbon

"A must for those entering the speaking world!"-- Steve Laudtke, Author of Soul Speaking: Can Your Soul Speak?

"Exceeded expectations. I have 16,000 words of notes! Love the focus on implementation/results. I like that she is willing to tease herself. [Wendy is] a fount of knowledge, playful, and high energy, but actually very reserved under exuberant excitement." -- Shel Horowitz, Greenandprofitable.com; author

"Amazing--exactly as the program was represented. Heavy content, intense, thought provoking, and insightful. [Wendy is] the Real Deal. She has years of experience and is willing to share those experiences." -- Charles Fairchild, Author of Dude, Do I Have the Rights? The Self Help Legal Survival Guide for Ages 15-25

"Wendy is brilliant, insightful, and deeply cares about her audience, clients, and their success." -- Marian Edwardsen, teacher, speaker, empowerment coach, certified Passion Test Faciliator for adults, kids and teens, contributing author to #1 Amazon bestseller The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude